Aggrandize Life
A Group of Corporate Trainers

Corporate Training

NLP Training Programs
Sales Training Programs
Motivational Training Programs
Time Management Training

Stress Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Negotiation Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

Creativity Workshops

Goal Setting Workshops

Ancient management Principles

Management Development Program

7 Steps of Sucess – Workshops designed on the concept of the 7 Energy Centers

Leadership Training Programs

Team Building Training

Money Mastery Training

Relationship Mastery Training

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Training for Management/College Students

Crash Course for licentiate associate fellowship from Indian Institute of Insurance (I.I.I.) for placement as Training Managers in Insurance Companies.

Crash Course for Diploma in health Insurance from Indian Institute of Insurance (I.I.I.) for placement as Training Managers in Insurance Companies.

Ancient management Principles in modern way

Personality Development

Etiquette and Behavior

Grooming and hygiene

Behavior management

Management effectiveness

Marketing Excellence

Use the Unlimited Power of your Subconscious Mind in studies

Speedy Reading for Extra ordinary performance

Study Technique using Mind Power

How to concentrate your Mind

Modern Meditation Technique (Automatic Meditation)

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Training for Development Officers/CLIAs/Managers/Agents/ Corporate Agents

Special Training for Becoming early MDRT

Special Training for Q4 – Last Quarter Strategy

Sales process module in Insurance(A2Z)

Power Presentation

Objection Handling

Power Closing

Sales Maximiser

Health Insurance Selling Technique

Agent Requirement technique for 21st century for D.O.

Agent Retention and make them Achiever for D.O.

Stress Management in Insurance

IC-38 for Insurance Licence

Super 50 Sales Pitches for insurance

Super 5 product Training

Insurance Sales to Solution Training with Financial planning Tools

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Additional Services

Inter-Generational financial Planning

Protection Counselling

Health/ Mediclaim Insurance

Motor and Non-Life Insurance

Investment Analyst

Child Education Planning

Retirement Planning